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Home Cavitation Slimming System (Cavi EVO+)

The 3rd generation cavitation technology;              
32khz cavitation frequency
LED Photontherapy
Four cavitation working models for more treatment  options.
Genuine and true cavitation energy
Affordable cost for everyone and solons with low-budget. 

Cavi  EVO+  is the most advanced cavitation  machine for fat reduction and body  slimming ,developed both  for home use and beauty salons.
Combined with LED Photon technology, it dissolves fat tissues more effectively and efficiency than cavitation treatment alone. It adopts the 3rd generation cavitation technology using integrated ultrasonic transducer, which generates high stable ultrasonic frequency with less noise. Evo+ provides true cavitation energy with low cost. Thanks to our breakthrough technology, its performance is as powerful as large professional cavitation machines . It is not only suitable for home use but also for beauty salons with low-budgets. Evo+ makes fat reduction, body slimming and cellulite reduction never so easy, simple and affordable.
Technical Advantages:
Instant weight loss result
Completely safe, no side effect and no downtime
Long-lasting result
Pain-free and comfortable treatment
Easy and simple operation steps.
No consumables parts required.
1.Reduction of  localized adiposities.
2.Cellulite reduction
3.Body contouring and shaping
4.Deep fat blasting
Befor and After result


Cavitation Frequency: 32Khz~10%
Cavitation Power:  Max 2.8W/cm2
Cavitation Mode: 4 Modes
LED wavelength: 650nm
Laser Mode: Continuous and Pulsed
Certification: CE
Input power: 100/240V,50/60Hz
Cavitation Transducer Diameter:40mm
Case Size:300*230*150mm


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